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PostSubject: DISCIPLESHIP - PART 1   DISCIPLESHIP - PART 1 EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 6:14 am

Are You Born Again?

Another word for born again is "Saved", a lot of words in the ministry are interchangeable, meaning they are different words that mean the same thing. Sometimes that can become confusing if you do not understand what something clearly means, therefor it leaves you vulnerable to be easily swayed by man, and his corruptions, or "false doctrine". People who use words and do this are called false teachers, or "Heretics".
The point of this study is to just go over the basics of Christianity in the sense of discipleship and evangelizing to others. You must know the gospel and truly understand it to become a disciple, or spread the word of God!

1. Heretics

Heretics teach 1/2 truths to fit their self-righteous beliefs. They claim to know Jesus but they do not even know the full gospel of Christ. Meaning they do not even know the full story of Christ as proclaimed in the scripture. For example: If you ask some older people in the church "What is the gospel"- you would be so surprised of the answer. They will say things like "Oh, its the bible", or they will say "Jesus is the Messiah"- all that is just a part- In order to even have faith you have to have the FULL knowledge of Christ and what he did, and what is to come- that is what gives us faith and gives us something to tell others about to give hope until his return for us. When you do not know the whole story you cannot possibly be freed from your spiritual bondage and earthly addictions because you are not in the fullness of Christ to receive the Holy Spirit. That is why a lot of Christians backslide, or why a lot of people just do not change after receiving Christ. They cannot they have been deceived by heretics who teach half truths.
Some of these half truths include statements like:
1. All you have to do is just believe on Jesus to be saved. NOT true, you have to know the whole truth and be obedient to it!
( Rom 1: 15-19)
2. People teach in parts like: "Jesus died for you and will return for you just believe"- well what about the rest, the details to cultivate the faith? Read: Romans 6: 3-9, Galatians 3: 22-29, Colossi ans 2: 11-23 These scriptures tell the whole gospel, big difference huh? God help these preachers today. Now you know why it is so important to train righteous disciples to spread his word huh?

***People have fundamentally altered Christianity, it is our job to teach the truth!***

2. The Truth

The whole truth is that Jesus Christ is our redeemer. He was sent into this world by God (John 3:16) to save us!
He was baptized by John the baptist, died for our sins, buried, rose on the third day, and is seated at the right hand of the father awaiting word to return to come and get us- Not even he knows the day or time, only God!!!
The bible says in the book of Matthew that at the moment of Jesus baptism the clouds opened up and the spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove. God spoke and said this is my son with whom I am well pleased. That means that God gave his approval that Christ was a worthy sacrifice for our corruption. At that moment he took upon our sins, even though he was innocent he died for us!!! He is so worthy of our service, we owe him our life!!!

3. Us

We are baptized (by full immersion) it symbolizes us dieing to our flesh and rising a new creature in Christ. Do you see the comparison of why we are baptized? Look carefully:

Christ died for us (We die to our old selves when we repent and receive him)
Christ was buried ( We are buried in water upon baptism)
Christ rose from the dead in victory (We rise with him a new spiritual creature)
* That is why baptism is so important, it shows publicly that we acknowledge what he has done for us...

Christ was the sacrificial lamb, he died for our sins so that through him we can come to God because before that we were unworthy. His resurrection gave us a new covenant and freed us from the bondage of the Mosaic Laws. Now we must follow the patterns that he and his disciples have set forth in the scriptures for us! That is the full gospel. Have you heard all of that before?
* No tricks, deeds, etc. this is all there is to it, it is that simple to make it to heaven, man makes it complicated and at times legalistic. You just have to hear and believe and obey it...
Remember: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE BITS AND PIECES AND BE SAVED YOU MUST KNOW IT ALL AND BELIEVE IT!!! How can you make a cake without all the instructions? You can make one but your taking a chance of it coming out ruined? The scriptures give us the full instructions and it is our job as disciples to teach it!!!

* IF you saved in church by laying on of hands, speaking of tongues, - or without full knowledge of this message you are NOT saved! This is not a joke this is salvational and something that we as disciples should take seriously in our evangelistic efforts. This is not to offend but to save souls from HELL!!! For example: NO man has the power to "save" only God does and he tells us how and what to do in his word. DO not believe that someone praying over you and a few words secures your mansion in the sky, it doesnt. Anytime anyone approaches you without the gospel and leading you to water be Leary of his intentions, he is a heretic/ OR without knowledge himself and needs to be taught the gospel. Let me ask you a question? How can you speak in tongues or have the Holy Spirit without hearing the gospel??? Gifts are bestowed through the Holy Spirit to edify the church, they are distributed amongst believers (Yes we believe in the 5 fold ministry gifts) How can you be a believer with out hearing the whole gospel? That is a hypocrite! Beware of false prophets in the ministry, we have a lot of work to do saints!!! There is a such thing as outer show of Christianity but a ungodly and unsaved soul inside- The devil disguises himself as a angel of light- be prepared!

Have you heard this message before and obeyed it?

If so, you are assured salvation! If not then consult your pastor or a TBM Indy member for any questions you may have!

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