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PostSubject: ACCREDIDATION DISCLAIMER   Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:13 am



As a young institution (founded in OCTOBER 2003), the goal and purpose of TRUE BEGINNING MINISTRIES BIBLICAL LEARNING CENTER has always been to train and equip our learners by providing ministry leadership training through distance learning. Our programs are created from the highest curriculum standards within the framework of Spirit-empowered, biblical authority enabling our learners to be challenged with spiritual passion and personal fulfillment. For that reason our current accreditation is with Christian-focused agencies bringing integrity to our operations and the processes that result in TBM Christian degree programs.

We completely understand that some students' personal preferences and professional needs require that they earn degrees from institutions that are regionally accredited by US DOE-approved agencies. We also know that many students' desires and aspirations are fulfilled by a school with a less secular accreditation. In the future, TBM MAY consider pursuing an affiliate membership with a faith-based US DOE-approved agency. However, affiliation is not equivalent to accreditation.

With that in mind, we completely trust God to bring us students whose needs we can meet and help to fulfill their God-given call. As a result, we are delighted to have a diverse student body of committed, diligent, and creative learners whose desire is to fulfill the Great Commission and to work powerfully and effectively in their God-ordained ministry. Our learners enjoy the challenge of expanding their faith and practicing excellence in their educational pursuits.

We are honored to have you consider joining them.


In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. Governmental agencies never provide theological or ministry accreditation. Additionally, there is no absolute 'national' standard for educational accreditation since the educational world is currently re-examining criteria for accreditation, focusing less on institutional inputs and more on educational outcomes.

There is no such requirement as Federal or State accreditation of a religious institution, because the civil government has no authority to regulate religious teachings or which certificates or religious degrees upon completion of such education may be issued. This is a matter of separation of Church and State. Politicians and civil authorities must never be allowed to officially endorse or disapprove directly or indirectly the beliefs and practices of churches or their schools.

Please keep in mind that most Bible Colleges and Christian Universities do not have secular regional accreditation.

TBM Christian University does not have a regional secular accreditation. If you are desiring to pursue a degree for secular employment, a degree with TBM BIBLICAL LEARNING CENTER may not be the right choice for you. TBM does not guarantee a job or ordination in any specific market or ministry.

What separates TBM BLC from the "diploma mills" springing up on the Internet?

There are several standards that set TBM, and any legitimate institution, apart from the diploma mills:

Curriculum Standards: A legitimate institution sets real, definable curriculum standards, based on historical good practice, for each of its programs.

Instructional Delivery: A legitimate institution requires its learners to undertake instruction, either from its own faculty, or from providers who have been accredited or approved based on a rigorous approval model.

Authorization: Legitimate authorization involves the institution placing itself under the oversight of a duly appointed, sanctioned approval body. A legitimate institution grants degrees under the authority of the government agency in the state or country in which it operates.

Faculty Standards: A legitimate institution will contract with and employ faculty members who are appropriately qualified to teach in their disciplines, diverse in their educational backgrounds, and committed to academic excellence.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to outline our approach to this very important issue. We wish you the best with your degree pursuit, and we look forward to serving you as a TBM BLC Learner.
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