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PostSubject: DISCIPLESHIP- PART 2   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:17 am

Disciple of Christ

Jesus said "Come, follow me" to those who responded to his invitation. That invitation stands for all. Once we receive it it is our job to invite others. Following Jesus is the call of a disciple.

You are not to follow Jesus just because you are born again but because you want to:

develop character
learn his word and ways
grow in faith
follow his example
learn what you need to know to save others

Disciple means: "Follower of Christ, One in training, trained one". A disciple has a personal attachment to his teacher. A discipleship commitment is from the heart! Jesus is the teacher, the master. We are his followers by choice. We respond to Jesus' orders by invitation, NOT by order. We have freedom to choose our paths in life, that is called "Freewill", we choose Christ...

We try as humans to follow "Our way" instead of Jesus' ways but we must:
1. Consider his ways
2. Take the call to follow Jesus seriously
3. Have a genuine heart
4. Be dedicated
5. Spread the gospel, in love

* Discipleship goes beyond :
1. going to church
2. preaching sermons
3. singing songs
4. giving contributions

The bible says you are a disciple of Christ if you:
1. Abide in his word ( John 8:31, John 14:15 )
2. Love one another (John 13:35, Col 3:14)
3. Bear much fruits ( John 15:1-8, Phil 1:11)
4. Take up your own cross ( Matt 16: 24-26)
* The disciples suffered much to carry Christs cross, we must also 2 Timothy 3:12
Following Christ is not a bed of roses so make sure that you are ready for it, it is better NOT to know then to know and rebel!!!

Here are three Christian Discipleship MUSTS:

1. Have personal love/a heart commitment to Jesus and his ministry. An unavailing love - everything else is secondary, this is called "Self- Denial" (Luke 14:26)

2. Bear your own cross and follow after him and his ways, this is called "Self- crucifixion" ( Galatians 2:20, 5:22-24,6:14)

3. Renounce literally , utterly disown all of the things of this world, this is called " Self- Reunification" ( Luke 14:33)

Tell what each of these things mean below and how it will apply to you in your discipleship path. These are genuine discipleship traits- these are the traits of those who are truly "Blessed"(Matthew 5)

1. (vs 3) The poor in spirit-

2. (vs 4) The mourning-

3. (vs 5) The meek-

4. ( vs 6) The hungering and the thirsting-

5. (vs 7) The merciful-

6. ( vs Cool The pure in heart-

7. ( vs 9) The peace makers-

8. (vs 10-12) The persecuted-

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