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" The Power Of Life And Death"
Written By Chaplain Crystal R Hill
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.


You can give life or take it with your words.
Our words are to be so honest and so real that they are as powerful as a written contract.
Genesis 47:29 tells us that Joseph promised a oath with Jacob, that he would not bury his
father in Egypt. He kept that oath to his father. His Father dies in peace knowing that his son
would keep his death request. His son's word meant something to him.

The bible also tells us that there are times when we should just be quiet ( Gen.2:8-9)
Proverbs 13:3 tells us that those who control their tongue will have a long life.
We have not mastered self control until we have mastered our tongues.
We should stop and think before we react.
If you control your tongue then you can control the rest of your body!


A. Psalm 15:3- states how you use your tongue reflects your relationship with God.
People who are saved children of God:
1. Refuse to gossip
2. Refuse to harm others ( slander)
3. Refuse to speak evil of friends
Christians make a conscious effort to watch what they say!

B. Proverbs 11:6. Tells us that only the Godless destroy their friends, words CAN be used
to destroy other people! We should use our words with great care!

C. Proverbs 15:28- Tells us we are to think before we speak, that doing so is a Godly
characteristic, wicked people speak without thinking about the consequences of its effect.

The Bible teaches us that what is in our hearts comes out of our mouths ( Matt 12:34)
Our hearts define what we are and what we say. Our words reveal who we are.
In order to change your speech you must cleanse your heart with the Holy Spirit.
Luke 6:45 says " A Good Person Produces Good Things From The Treasury Of A Good
Heart, And A Evil Person Produces Evil Things From The Treasury Of A Evil Heart".


A. Ephesians 5:4- Cautions us about speaking evil.
It says: ( NO)
1. Obscene Joking
2. Foolish Talk
3. Coarse Jokes

These three things are NOT for Christians.
Instead we are to use our mouths for thanking and praising God.
Paul tells us that none of these things are acceptable in a Christians life,
they do not reflect Godliness.
In fact, Colossians 4:6 tells us that our conversations should be:
1. Gracious
2. Attractive
So that we will have the right response for everyone!

B. When our speech is motivated by Satan it is full of:
1. Bitter Jealousy
2. Selfish Ambition
3. Earthly Concerns or Desires
5. Disorder
6. Evil

C. When our speech is filled with Godly wisdom it is full of:
1. Purity
2. Peace
3. Consideration For Others
4. Submission
5. Mercy
6. Sincerity, Impartiality
7. Godliness


In our conversations we should share spiritual experiences.

a. Read Exodus 10:2
It tells us that we are not only to share our experiences with our peers but we are to
share them with our children and grand children. So our conversations should be:
1. Spiritual
2. Worthy of respect

b. Read Exodus 23:1
It tells us that our conversations are not to be for passing along and retelling lies-
or false rumors of others. We must not BARE FALSE WITNESS against other people,
especially in court. When you do these things you are taking Satan's side.
Partaking in these things are strictness forbidden by God.
Also, in conversations we are to stay away from irrelevant, petty disputes.

c. Read 1 Timothy 1:3-4
Tells us:
1. We are told we should stop those who are not teaching proper doctrine ( speak up)
2. We are NOT to be disruptive with our mouths and conversations especially during service,
We are not to disrupt service with irrelevant questions and controversies. On the contrary
when false doctrine is being presented you start a conversation in private with the person
in love.
3. We are to stay away from religious guessing and religious arguments.
When you do all these things it side tracks us and others from learning, sharing, and
growing in God. We should avoid ANYTHING that distracts us from God!

d. Not only are we to learn off what is being said, but we should learn what to say, or not to say.
When you have a UNTAMED TONGUE you :
1. Gossip
2. Put Others Down ( In bragging)
3. Manipulate
4. Teach Falsely
5. Exaggerate
6. Complain
7. Flatter others, or flat out lie

E. Read JAMES 3:6
It tells us that the tongue can do damage.
The tongue is a flame of fire, a whole world of wickedness,
it corrupts our whole body.
It can set your whole life on fire ( or other peoples).
The fires it spew comes from hell itself. Meaning it has the potential to destroy
just like a real fire. Our words reveal who we truly are and who controls us!

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