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PostSubject: VIOLENCE   VIOLENCE EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 4:03 am


1. to break or destroy
2. To assault severely
3. To desecrate or defile
4. To disturb or interrupt

Violate and violence are kin to each other. Violence to another is "violating" that person
with any form of violence, even words can be "violent" and " violate" another person.

There are many ways to violate, the bible touches on some of these and makes key points.
Here are a few:

1. You can violate others (Lev 18:7-9)
We are not to violate our parents in a sexually immoral way, this can be translated today as
what we call "Incest". We must honor our families, our parents, our neighbors and community
by not committing sexually immoral acts. Sexual immorality is a form of violence- it harms
not only ourselves but others too!

2. We can violate ourselves ( Lev. 18:10-30)
Do Not violate YOU!
The kind of things that are listed in these particular verses are detestable unto God and they
are sexually immoral- they all lead unto death Spiritually, in some cases physically.
Disease and deformities in the human race are direct result of some of these sins.
These sins disrupt society and cause not only personal but social strife.
Committing suicide is also committing violence upon yourself and is sinful.

3. You can violate God ( Numbers 15:30)
Those people who non-caring or deliberate sin are violating God! Deliberate sin is a
improper attitude towards God, it challenges his authority, it is a form of rebellion.
That attitude, like a parent would, leaves no choice but punishment on us.

4. You can violate laws ( Isaiah 24:5)
The earth suffers today from our sins. We sin by disobedience to God.
Violating God's laws breaks our relationship and protective covering with God.
NO ONE can escape his judgment for violating his laws!
Now that we understand how we can "violate" others with "violence", or violent ways, lets look at
what violence is a little more in depth. Then, we will have no excuse for violating others, or
ourselves- and it will be easier for us to pray for others who violate , or who were violated.

The earth was filled with violence from the beginning (Gen 6:11), it was a product of human sin.
Even though Satan had rebelled and sin and violence had been birthed - it had not yet entered
into our world, the human realm. God tried to protect humans from such knowledge( He told
Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge) and pain but as the same today, we allowed
ourselves to be seduced by Satan's lies ( they did it anyways and sin entered into the world) and
brought calamities upon ourselves. Through ancestry sin has only gotten worse, shame on us!


Let us read and study Ps. 12:5

A) The Lord SEES violence done to the helpless.

B) The Lord HEARS the groans of the poor...
- God does not stop all difficult circumstance some are meant to happen for whatever purpose
they serve but he allows those circumstances to test (or examine) the righteous and the wicked.
They will either build us up or destroy what is fake!

C) We are to use challenges in life to help us to grow as Christians (Ps 72:14) We are to keep
hoping for his help- when we are stressed we should praise him even more!

Let us read and study Isa 60:18

A) Violence WILL dissapear

B) Desolation and Destruction of war WILL end!

C) Salvation WILL surround us!
***We will all be praising God together!***
1 Timothy 3:3 commands us not to be violent!
He specifically commands anyone in leadership not to be violent (Titus 1:7).
The Bible stresses to us that non violence should be a instilled part of our Christian
character, a natural nature not to "act" in anger.

Violence is a physical force exerted so as to cause damage, abuse, or injury. It can be ongoing
or brief. Violence causes detriment to anything with Godly content, or that has any purposeful
meaning. Violence is rebellion against God in its rawest form and is the total opposite of Godliness,
Good, or Christianity.

If you have been apart of or committed any kind of violent act in any form you are in jeopardy of hell and need to repent. Now that you clearly understand that violence is wrong and ungodly there is
no excuse for not repenting. If you have repented and are sincere but cannot stop being violent then
you need to seek professional help, speak to a pastor, consult someone who might be able to
direct you on a godly path of restoration and recovery. Do not wait to get help. We do not know
the day or the hour that our Lord will return please do not play with the time you have left on this
earth, get things right now while you have a chance- tomorrow is not promised you breath might
be your last!


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