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PostSubject: UNFAITHFULNESS   UNFAITHFULNESS EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 3:59 am


1. not faithful, disloyal
2. Adulterous
3. Not justly representing or reflecting the original, inaccurate
4. Deceitful

Proverbs clearly tell us that putting our faith in a unreliable person in times of trouble is like
"chewing with a broken tooth", or "walking on a lame foot" (Prov 25:19)
WOW- how well do we all know the feeling of being let down? That is the driving force that has
inspired me to create this study.

People need to understand what unfaithfulness is and and the damage that it causes, not just to
each other, its much more profound than that. When we are unfaithful to each other we are being
unfaithful to God- we are a FAMILY and he is our father. We hurt not only us and each other but we
hurt him with our actions. Unfaithfulness IS sin! When you are unfaithful , it shows unbelief in him
and can be treacherous!
Below are some examples of biblical unfaithfulness and what the bible says about them:

Lets Read Ps 78:8:

When we are unfaithful to anyone- whether it be spouse, neighbor, friend, or God- we are failing
to commit, and give our hearts to them. We are not to place anyone on the same level that we
place God on BUT we are to live as faithful servants to all to show God working in us. We have
a obligation as Christians to put our sincere heart, honest efforts, and Christlike desires into
everything that we do!

Proverbs 23:27-28 tells us that promiscuous women lead men to unfaithfulness (meaning unto God),
It is a mans job to stay spiritually fit and rooted and grounded in God's word so that he doesn't
get caught up in Satan's snares , Satan uses seducing women to trap men into unfaithfulness
to God. We have Gods word and the Holy Spirit so there is No excuse for unfaithfulness.
You can apply this to Christianity as a whole and say that Satan tries to trap us all so we must
be faithful unto God, by being rooted an grounded in his word. Our spiritual armor can defeat
any attack- so we have NO EXCUSE!
Jerm 3:20 tells us that a wife who leaves her husband is just as bad as a man who
runs out on his wife and kids. There is no excuse for either of these situations!

Likewise, there is no excuse once we receive the knowledge of the Gospel (Death, Burial,
Resurrection of Christ)of Christ to be unfaithful to God!
Read Matthew 5:32 :

Jesus Christ himself said that a man who divorces his wife, except for unfaithfulness,
causes her to commit adultery,and anyone who remarries her is committing adultery.

Apply that principle to your Christianity:
1. If you leave God unless he is unfaithful (which is NEVER) you are committing adultery
* that means you are in sin if you turn your back to God...
2. And anyone who is in agreement with you is in sin also
3. When you are a sinner (man) you defile your whole household becasue you are the man
of the house and you are called to protect and nurture your house, not allow it to be destroyed!
* The same applies to all your daily relationships- and to us women.
Read Rom 3:3:

1. No matter how we act as a human race act, God never gives up on us and always keeps
his promises!

2. It is us that is liars, God is the truth, the way, and the light!

3. When we remain true to God and abide in his word, he is faithful to see us through whatever
we face in this life!

2 Timothy 2:13 clearly states that when we are unfaithful, he remains faithful- he is who he is
and never changes, Praise God For That!!! In this ever sickening world it is a blessing to know
that God remains the truth regardless...Jesus himself promised in Matthew 28:20 that he would
ALWAYS be with us, are we with him? It is us that turn from him and his ways, hes always there!

Jesus is the ultimate example of faithfulness and we should diligently seek to imitate his ways
with a pure heart!
We have all experienced unfaithfulness whether we were victims or perpetrators, or with our
choices in serving God. Sometimes it can be as simple as not going to church just becasue
we are tired, Im SURE Jesus was tired carrying that heavy wooden cross BUT he never surrendered
and he completed his task- I tend to think that the days that we do not want to go to church are the
most important days we should be there, the message was probably a message that would help you
perfect your walk and combat Satan. but instead of being faithful we just lay around, or do other things
not even realize Satan just pimped us. We should go regardless of how our body feels, or what our
head is telling us-Our hearts should be determined to get there- how many times have we been

We have to acknowledge our wrongs in order to even make them right. We cannot get well if we
deny the fact that we are sick. it does not make us weak to admit that we are wrong, that is a
Satanic trick of the mind- it actually makes us stronger to be able to admit that we are weak
becasue then God can begin to mold us into what he wants us to become,
You have to be open to receive him by recognizing your unfaithfulness and changing it!

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