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PostSubject: TRIED AND TESTED   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:52 am

Tried and Tested

A test is a procedure for critical evaluation of the presence, quality, or truth of something.
The tests are to determine knowledge, intelligence, or ability. To be "Tried and Tested" As a
Christian means to face the tests and challenges that God presents to you and not get involved
in the negativity, but to turn them into lessons that positively progress your spiritual growth.
You will be judged at the end of your earthly life by how well you handled your earthly tests
and challenges.

Let’s read a few scriptural references about this subject so that we can draw more knowledge:

Reference 1.

Genesis 12:10

10 at that time a severe famine
struck the land of Canaan, forcing Abram to
go down to Egypt, where he lived as a foreigner.

Abram was told to move by God and he went, no questions asked, and when he got to the place
where God had sent him he patiently waited with no complaints-this particular verse (story) tells
us that even though his faith was tested he passed and was a blessed man. We are supposed to
be obedient God regardless of our tests and trials. Being obedient through tests and trials means
to go through them without murmoring or complaining!

Reference 2.

Psalm 11:5

5  The Lord examines both the righteous
and the wicked.
He hates those who love violence.

God tested Abraham’s faith- it was his way of refining him. He examines (or) tests the righteous,
and the unrighteous. For some the tests are refining fires, for others it becomes an incinerator.
Don’t ignore or defy a test use them as opportunities to grow! Go is not a discriminator, all
faced tests, saved and unsaved. Tests are to build and sharpen Christians, and bring non
Christians to the Lord, and eliminate all the fakers.

I. Testing teaches us about

Let’s look at Genesis 22:7-8

7 Isaac turned to Abraham and
said, “Father?”“Yes, my son?” Abraham
replied. “We have the fire and the wood,” the boy said,
“but where is the sheep for the burnt offering?”
8 “God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son,” Abraham answered.
And they both walked on together.

This biblical reference is a typology of God’s concern over who truly has a heart for God.
God was testing Abraham to see where his commitment was. This particular test
strengthened Abraham’s commitment, and taught him a lesson about God’s provision.
God replaced the sacrifice once he saw that he had Abraham’s heart! God always
tests and tries but leaves a " ram in the bush" for his faithfuls.

II. Being Tried and Tested Brings Out Character

Let us read a scriptural references pertaining to this comment:

2 Chr. 32:31

31 However, when ambassadors arrived from Babylon to ask about the remarkable events that
had taken place in the land, God withdrew from Hezekiah in order to test him and to see what
was really in his heart.

After Hezekiah was healed from his sickness he became “proud”. When he was questioned
about his healing from God it gave him a chance to recognize and glorify God- it tested his
character unfortunately, he was very prideful ( Remember that pride comes before the fall).
He recognized his own accomplishments instead of recognizing God’s. That is called
"self- credit". When your tried and tested the real you will come out. Also, remember
that being tried and tested always opens a door for a witnessing opportunity!

III. Not Knowing Why You Are Suffering Is The Hardest Test Of All….

Job 33:13

13  So why are you bringing a charge against him?
Why say he does not respond to people’s complaints?

Job was human he wanted to know what was going on and why he was suffering ,
BUT if God answered all of our questions then we would not be adequately tested!
Our greatest test is not knowing why or what. We must all learn to trust God, who
is good, not in the goodness of life. Sometimes it is not for us to know why we are
suffering at the time of our trials, that builds faith within us, and at times others.

IIII. The Holy Spirit Tests Character

In Luke Chapter 4 verses 1 and 2 we read that Jesus was led by the spirit to the wilderness
to be tested by Satan ( We are tried and tested just as Christ, he is our example of victory!).
If Jesus was led into a difficult situation then what makes us think that we wont be led when
needed into a situation that may not be pleasant so that we to may be tested? We must follow
faithfully wherever the spirit leads. Satan hoped for success as he had with Adam and Eve
but Jesus has the victory! Knowing and obeying God’s words was Jesus’ powerful weapon
against Satan- we too should know and use scripture, we must read and apply it to our daily
lives so that our sword will also be sharpened and ready!

Note: Most importantly we must remember that test comes before transformation!!!

VI. Jesus Wants Us To Test His Claims!

John 8:46-47

46 Which of you can truthfully accuse me of sin? And since I am telling you the
truth, why don’t you believe me? 47 Anyone who belongs to God
listens gladly to the words of God. But you don’t listen because you don’t belong to God.”

Jesus welcomes those who questioned his claims ,or character, as long as they were willing
to follow through on their discoveries! We are not to try and test our God but we can ask
Jesus and question him, but are you ready to live up to his answers, Jesus wants us to test
hius truths. Investigating Jesus brings repentance, and conversion. Jesus tells us to taste and see whats good.

Why People Fail Their Earthly Tests:

They never accept the challenge to test Jesus.( They never tried to see whether or not he was the truth.)

They test Jesus but are not willing to believe what they discover. ( People test Jesus but they dont believe what they get.)


What does it mean to be tried and tested by God? ______________________________________________________

What does the Lord do to the righteous and the unrighteous? _______________________________________________________

What does testing teach us about? _______________________________________________________

What does being tried teach us about? _______________________________________________________
What is the hardest test of all? ________________________________________________________
What also can test your character? ________________________________________________________
Describe something you now realize was a earthly test? ________________________________________________________
What lesson did you learn from your test? ______________________________
How can you share your life’s lessons with other people? ____________________________________________________
How can going to church help your through your tests? ___________________________________________________

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