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PostSubject: SLANDER   SLANDER EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 3:31 am


A false and malicious oral statement injurious to a persons reputation.


We all have slandered innocently or intentionally, It still was wrong for us to do it either way.

Slander is a sin that violates other people, it is a form of violence, a very nasty thing to
do to someone else!

We do not usually realize the damage to others or what we have actually done until it
comes back and bites us in the rear.

This study is to help us understand slander and overcoming the bondage that it can put us in.

Let us read and study Exodus 23:1

A) Making up or spreading false rumors is a strict no no to God!
B) We are to end rumors as Christians not spread them!
C) It undermines family, and strains neighborhood relationships
D) Slander causes chaos in the justice system
E) Even if you are not the perpetrator , spreading it makes you guilty of the sin
How To Handle Slander?

Psalm 7:1-6 Tells Us:

Vs 1. Always turn to God for our protection, NEVER retaliate, God always brings the truth
to light. If we react it would be unjust for God to punish. we must remove ourselves and let
God handle things!

Vs 2-5. We are to ALWAYS have remorse and to pray for forgiveness. When we find ourselves
the instigator or agitator to lies, rumors, etc. we should always try to right our wrongs wherever
possible - honesty conquers lies! Also, we are ALWAYS to be honest with God and ourselves
in preventing problems. If we are honest with God he then can work in our situations, and help
them turn out for the good. Honesty is always the best policy in any negative situation we face.
We are to kill rumors, lies, slander, whatever quick by asking for proof, or more facts- then if
its negative and made up it will end there.

Matthew 15: 19 Tells us that we already know what kind of a person someone is by what they
let come out of their mouth. Lies and slander come from a evil motive within a person. Use
the moment someone is caught slandering for a witnessing opportunity, flip the situation
around to glorify God. If you are not yet strong enough spiritually then you need to pray for
the person and get away from them and their wickedness beforeyouu get sucked into it
and end up in sin yourself.

Sin Is Everywhere!!!

Paul states that this particular sin in Corinthian plagues all the churches: 2 Cor 12:20.
Christians are not above reproach, they need to be on guard not just in the world but
in the churches also. We are to live different then the rest of society- we cant let negative
influences corrupt fellowship, or the body as a whole.

In Eph. 4:31 and Col 3:8 clearly tells us that we are to get rid of slander, or slanderous ways.
It doesn't say wait , it says THE TIME IS NOW! Col. emphasizes the urgency to purge slander
from the body by saying "THE TIME IS NOW". Paul is urging us to not only purge evil but to
remain true to what is good and our commitment to Jesus!
Some Alternatives

1. Titus 2:3 * Instead of slander we are to teach others what is good. What is good is anything
that is biblical in morals. We are to be a good role model!

2. Titus 3:2 * Instead of slander we are to avoid quarreling- quarrels lead to slander and gossip
because of the anger involved. We should always be ready to do what is good. That means
we are to always evaluate what comes across our path in life so we can think before
we react and then react in a good way.

( The key to self control is to evaluate before you react)
2 Peter 2:2 Tells us that we can expect slander when we are walking in the truth- its going to
happen. But it is how that we deal with it that will make a difference. We must glorify God at
all costs regardless of the slander that it might stir up against us.

Proverb 10:18 Tells us that slandering other people makes us a fool. Once again, the only
way to escape sin is to be HONEST, tell God how you feel and ask him to help you work
it out, and trust him to do it!

Leviticus19:16 Says " DO NOT SLANDER" How much plainer can the bible get???

If you have slandered or been apart of slander then you are in jeopardy of hell and need to
repent of your ways. Pray God restores the situation and gives you a chance to right all
your wrongs were it is possible. From this point forward you know that slander is wrong so
there is no excuse to initiate or to be apart of it.

The bible clearly says that we will be held accountable for every idle word that comes
out of our mouth.

How embarrassing to have to stand before Jesus and have to have our ignorant words
or comments brought before him to be reheard?


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