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PostSubject: MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:06 am

Material And Spiritual gifts

Written By Chaplain C. R. Hill
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

There are spiritual and there are material gifts God bestows on us as his children,
We need to know what they are so we will understand how to use them,
that way they are respected and used properly.

I. Material Blessings We Receive

A. Food ( Matthew 6:25-26)
* God provides our food and drink, and clothing day to day
* God feeds us not only physically but spiritually
* Pagans worry about material things, we trust God to provide!

B. Rain ( Matthew 5:45)
* Rain is a gift provided to us all, so is sunlight
* God regulates rain, seasons etc. He knows what we need
* God can hold weather back, or deliver it, he's in control

C. Health ( Phil 2:25-30)
* God is the one who regulates human health, he blesses as he chooses to
* God has control over death or life, he allows either how he sees fit for his purposes
* Good health is God's grace and Mercy

D. Sleep ( Proverbs 3:23-25)
* God regulates sleep and also uses it in communication with us how he deems
* Like all gifts sleep can be abused, and lead to poverty
* Sleep and rest are meant for renewal physically and spiritually

E. Rest ( Duet. 12:10)
* Rest is given by God for us to use for strengthening
* Rest can be spiritual or physical ( here we mean spiritual)
- we will finally be able to "rest" when Jesus Comes
* Rest allows our mind renewal so we can properly communicate with God
* Rest can turn to slumber ( slothfulness) and be abused

F. All Things...( 1 Timothy 6:17)
* God provides ALL THINGS we need for our enjoyment
* Anything that we have been provided that is a necessity we are to praise God for it
* We need to learn to appreciate what we have

G. All Needs...( Phil 4:19) KEYWORD: "Needs"
* The world craves ungodly needs, Christians crave godliness and necessities-
they aren't concerned with the world- and he provides for them

II. The other kind of gifts God provides are spiritual, God rains on the godly and ungodly
in generosity BUT spiritual gifts are given to Christians only.
These Gifts from God are:

A. Christ ( John 3:16)
* God gave Jesus as a sacrifice to give us the gift of salvation, or "eternal life"

B. Holy Spirit ( Luke 11:13)
* The Holy Spirit is a gift given to believers of Jesus
* All you have to do is just ask God to allow his presence within you and believe ( faith)

C. Grace ( James 4:6)
* Grace in every situation is because of God
* God gives us the grace that we need in whatever measures it is needed for us, as he deems
* God is in control

D. Wisdom ( James 1:5)
* Wisdom comes from God, he gives it in whatever measure he deems appropriate
* All we have to do is ask God and he provides, if it is in his will for us to have it

E. Repentance ( Acts 11:18)
* We cant even be repentant accept it be through God's Holy Spirit that convicts us
* Everything is given to us, including repentance, and salvation, they are gifts

F. Faith ( Eph 2:Cool
* We cannot even have faith in God unless he chooses for us to have it,
faith is a gift
* Faith can come in different measures also, some have more than others
* People who have faith were hand chosen to have it

G. New Spirit ( Ezek. 11:19)
* When we are saved God gives us a new spirit, A Christlike spirit-
that lives by the bible
* There are only 2 spirits : Good or Evil, to have a good spirit is by God's loving grace

H. Peace ( Phil 4:7)
* To experience peace on any level is a blessing form God
* God is peace so to experience peace you are experiencing intimacy with God

I. Rest ( Heb 4:19)
* There is a physical rest God gives us but there is a spiritual rest, it is a gift
* Rest is a time of intimacy and renewal, a waiting on God- During these times we are
being still and just knowing he is God
* This is the time we should be in his word and in prayer, waiting for our next assignment

J. Glory ( 1 Peter 5:10)
* To experience God's presence or glory is a direct result of him allowing that blessing
* Spiritual people can see his glory even when things seem hopeless
* Everything that is seen, heard, or done is and should be to bring God honor and glory
* It is a gift to experience the renewal and encouragement of his glory

K. Eternal Life ( John 10:28)
* God has given us everything that is good and brings glory to him
* God has made a way for his children to fellowship with him eternally, through his son
* Only God has eternal power, and he shares

III. The Purpose Of Our Gifts

A. ( Genesis 21:27-32) They confirm a covenant.
* It was custom in the bible to exchange gifts to confirm a covenant between 2 parties,
( another word for covenant is oath) a common covenant was a wedding oath and gift
exchange called a "dowry". It is also common to exchange gift rings during oaths
between husband and wife. God also uses spiritual gifts to confirm his covenant within his people.

B. ( 1 Samuel 25: 27-35) Appease Anger.
* Sometimes gifts are used to defuse situations, gifts are sometimes used to calm
anger or rage in certain situations. Your gift of love , kindness or compassion can help somebody
else in a angry situation to glorify God

C. ( Judges 6:18-21) Show Of Respect.
* Gifts are sometimes given as a show of respect unto others, such as: kings, funerals, brides, etc..

D. ( 1 Samuel 30: 26-31) Manifesting Friendships.
* Sometimes gifts are given as a token of adoration of a friend, It is just a display of affection,
such as a greeting card and so on...

E. ( 2 Samuel 18: 11-12) Reward.
* Sometimes gifts are given as a reward for certain deeds, such as, finding a dog-
good grades, etc. Rewards are gifts to celebrate accomplishments or situations.

F. ( Esther 9: 20-22) Memorialize A Event.
* Sometimes gifts are given to memorialize a event, such as, Christmas, Birthdays,
Grand Openings, Etc...

G. ( Matthew 2: 11) Render Worship.
* Sometimes gifts pertain to worship, such as, our praise & worship unto God, Church
Anniversary, Pastoral Recognition, etc.

H. (Phil 4: 10-18) Give Help.
* Sometimes gifts are given as a seen or known need in others, such as, church benevolence,
donations, etc...

I. ( 1 Samuel 18:3-4) Seal Friendship.
* Sometimes gifts are given to confirm or seal friendship between people, such as,
friendship bracelets, rings, etc...

IIII. Common Times Gifts Are Given:

A. Betrothals ( Gen. 24: 50-53)
B. Weddings ( Ps. 45: 12)
C. Departures ( Gen. 45: 21-24)
D. Return's Home ( Luke 15: 22-23)
E. Time's Of Recovery ( Job 42: 10-11)
F. In Times Of Trials ( legalities) * FORBIDDEN ( Exodus23:Cool

V. Spiritual Gift Facts:

A. There are many many gifts, some are not even listed in the bible because there are
too many to list all of them ) Romans 12: 6-8/1 Cor. 12: 4-30)
B. All gifts are from God ( James 1:17)
C. Gifts are assigned and given through the Holy Spirit ( 1 cor. 12: 11-28)
D. Gifts are just that, they are GIVEN to us not bought ( Acts 8: 18-20)
E. Gifts are to edify the body of believers ONLY ( Romans 1:11)
F. Gifts can be imitated by Satan ( 2 Cor. 11: 13-15)
G. Gifts are spiritually discerned & to be used for Godly purposes ( 1 Cor. 12:2-3)
H. Love is the supreme gift of all ( 1 Cor. 13: 1-3)

Gifts are just that- gifts, they aren't taken back.
BUT you will be judged by what you do with them!

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