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PostSubject: DISCIPLINE   DISCIPLINE EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 2:31 am

I. Discipline-

1) Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior. 2) Controlled behavior resulting from such training. 3) A state of order based on submission to rules and authority. 4) Punishment intended to correct or train. 5) A set of rules or methods. 6) A branch of knowledge or teaching.

II. Disciplining-

To train by instruction and practice. 2) To punish.

III. Disciplined- Possessing or indicative of discipline; a disciplined mind.

Fact: Discipline can mean many things; it can also be bad and good…

To be disciplined or to discipline can mean several different things; it all boils down to being trained, or training someone else. You can train for the good or for the bad. Our job is to be trained, and train, in the ways of God, as prescribed in the scriptures!

Let’s look at some scriptural references to discipline and see what the bible says:

Reference 1. Duet. 8:5

“5 Think about it: Just as a parent disciplines a child, the Lord your God disciplines you for your own good.”

Note: This is really self explanatory, just as a father would discipline his child; God disciplines us because he loves us and wants to train us right. Sometimes we are stubborn and get off that path of righteousness so he allows things to happen in hopes we will run back to him.

Reference 2. Psalm 119:75

“75 I know, O Lord, that your regulations are fair;
You disciplined me because I needed it..”

Note: Even in Psalms it is acknowledged that God is fair and when we go through trials and tribulations it is for our benefit, because for whatever reason God feels we need it. That is the attitude that we should have. Know that if we overcome the trials with the right attitude then our blessings are right around the corner!

Not all correction comes from God. Some trials and tribulations we bring on ourselves by our ungodly actions and choices but there is another form of correction. From our brethren. We are to accept discipline from our Christian family also.
Let us read Psalm 141:5:

“5 Let the godly strike me!
It will be a kindness!
If they correct me, it is soothing medicine.
Don’t let me refuse it.
But I pray constantly
Against the wicked and their deeds.”

We are to consider correction from other Christians as kindness to us. (No matter what their motive is, it will benefit us in the long run) We can always benefit from another persons input and perspective of us, no matter their intent, we can always use the information to make ourselves, or situation, better.

How to accept criticism:
1. Do not refuse any criticism at all…
2. Consider all criticism as kindness, regardless if it hurts or not…
3. Keep quiet, don’t fight back verbally, or in any other way, just accept it…
* You must always control how you react to criticism- as Christians we have a responsibility to make the situation productive, not destructive!
(No matter how the other person intended it to be…)
Page 3. Discipline

Key Point: We must make all situations productive not destructive!

Another area of discipline that we must examine as Christians is “Obedience”….With the proper discipline comes obedience, because you have been taught the qualities of self control. Self Control and obedience go hand in hand, you must act Christian by obeying God…Obedience stems from proper training and its characteristics are as follows:

How to be obedient:

Your heart- God will be your 1st love over all…
Your will- You will be committed to God in everything that you do…
Your mind- Cultivating your faith will be a priority…
Your Body- You will exercise self control in every area of your life…
Your Finances- You will be a good steward with your money…
Your Future- Your future goals will be how you can include service to him…

The bible tells us in Proverbs 10:17 that people who accept discipline are on the pathway to life- those who ignore it go astray…That means proper training is everything and can literally mean life and death. We must accept discipline from God, our parents, our Christian family…Whoever, because in the long run it will make us better people!

The bible also tells us in Proverbs 12:1 that in order for us to learn we must love discipline, it also tells us that it is stupid to hate correction. That is because that people who hate correction have a problem with their human pride. When you have a problem with pride you can learn very little no matter how long you are educated, you will still have little knowledge….

Proverbs 13:24 tells us that discipline is an act of love and that parents who do not discipline do not love their children! Lack of discipline means lack of concern for that person’s future. Without discipline there is no way to define wrong from right and make intellectual decisions. Discipline encourages people to make correct choices in the future and helps them to cultivate their wisdom.

Lets look at some scriptural references to training and correction:

2 Timothy 4:2

“2 Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.”

Note: The bible commands us to teach the word of God to others. The bible also tells us to be prepared no matter what the situation is. We have a responsibility to correct, rebuke, and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters…That is what the word of God is for and how we are to use it.

Let’s look at one more example:

2 Timothy 3:16:

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. 17 God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.”

Not only does God tell us to be prepared in any situation scripturally but in this verse he tells us to use his teachings to bring about proper conduct. The bible is not a human book- it is God breathed. We are to read the bible but not only read it apply it to our lives. The bible is our defense against false teachings, and teachers!

Key Point: We are to be obedient to God and have self control in all we do!


What are some ways that you can discipline yourself as a Christian to grow spiritually?

How can you help others to be disciplined spiritually?

What can you do to learn how to be obedient to God?

What is the most important thing to do when facing criticism?

What are some things that we can use the bible for besides reading it?

What does God say he uses the bible for?

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