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PostSubject: CLOTHING AND GARMENTS   CLOTHING AND GARMENTS EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 2:05 am

Clothing and Garments

(His Ideas And Concepts For Us)


There is a need for clothing of course but are our needs for clothing and God's idea of what
we need for ourselves the same thing?
The bible clearly defines what our needs for clothing are:

A) To cover our nakedness (Gen 3:10,11)
1. Clothing was created BY GOD
2. He designed them to cover the shame of our nakedness
3. Clothing was a necessity that he provided for us
4. Clothing had a DIVINE purpose, and job

B) Maintain Modesty ( 1 Peter 3:1-5)
1. We are to have pure and reverent lives that means that we are not to be concerned with outer
beauty of fancy clothing
2. Our hairstyles should be simple and modest- not drawing attention
3. Our jewelry should not be extravagant and gaudy
4. Our clothing should be simple and modest
5. We are to cloth ourselves with inner beauty!

C) Keep Warm (2 Timothy 4:13)
1. Paul needed a coat to keep warm
2. Clothing is a necessity that God originally provided
3. Clothing still has the same value- a necessity to endure weather

D) Remove Anguish (Esth 4:3,4)
1. Burlap was used to show grief
2. Fresh clothing symbolized that the grieving process was over
3. Today we see that those who are depressed or suffering mentally tend to wear the same
clothing regularly
4. when we feel good mentally we tend better to our hygiene and wear fresh clothing


Symbolic Acts Regarding Clothing

A) Lasted 40 Years (Duet 8:4)
1. During the Israelites exile in the Wilderness they NEVER lacked or wanted for clothing
2. God kept their clothing preserved and perfect during that time period
3. God preserved their shoes during their exile and they never needed shoes or had wore out shoes
4. God is our provider of all our needs , even the necessities of clothing and shoes

B) Torn Into 12 Pieces ( 1 Kings 11: 29,30)
1. This was a physical act that represented something spiritual that was prophesied to happen
in the future
2. In this case clothing was used as a tool to represent something
3. The book of Revelations speaks of us wearing WHITE ROBES, the robes symbolize our purity
4. Clothing has meaning, we should be careful what meaning we are trying to put off to others

C) Obtained From Enemies ( Exodus 12:35)
1. In wartime they ceased personal belonging to provide for needs within their military, etc.
2. God allows the just to receive their rewards and blessings from the unjust
3. We are not to laugh at the fate or loss, or suffering of others-it should make us .respect
Gods power
4. He'll make our enemies our footstools

D) Some Stripped Of ( Luke 10:30)
1. You can be robbed of your assets spiritually, and physically
2. We should make sure that we are spiritually protected and physically alert of danger
3. It is up to us to be fit and prepared and not to get caught off guard by satanic attack

God Instituted certain regulations that we are to follow still to this day, they never changed.
We should take into consideration everything that God has instituted and look around us at how the
world and its perception of clothing, and its lust for finer things have corrupted the necessity and
robbed God of his good deeds for us.

When I say robbed god think about it, we have taken clothing which he originally designed , and we
have turned it into something ungodly- and not even acknowledged that he is the original design
r and creator. We rob him of his royalties and all his rights of credit, we don't even think of clothing
as a necessity anymore , in today's society it is a assecory and half of society prefer to go naked,
or at least half.

Below are Godly Instituted Policies on Clothing:

1. Wearing Opposite Sex Clothing is Forbidden ( Duet. 22:5)
A) It is detestable to God for us to gender share in ANY way, even clothing!
B) We should wear clothing that is appropriate for our sexes, For instance a man shouldn't wear
something that society knows is a dress for women, that is inappropriate.

2. We Should Not wear Gaudy, Or Denouncing Clothing ( Isa. 3:16- 24)
A) We are not to over emphasize our sex appeal- or looks to the opposite sex
B) We are not to draw attention to ourselves with our clothing- we should be modest/humble

3. Ostentatious is Prohibited ( 1 Timothy 2:9)
A) We are to focus on dressing with inner qualities- not vainly with outer beauty
B) we should not "Stick Out" in the crowd with our looks

4. There Are Warnings Concerning Our Looks ( Matt 7:15)
A) Outer apparel can be used to disguise inner physical and spiritual flaws
B) Apparel can be used to deceive
C) Apparel can be used to lure and trick
D) Apparel can be used for all the wrong reasons- anything other than to cover nakedness
is questionable!

5.Judgments By, Deceptive ( Luke 16: 19-23)
A) You cannot judge a book by its cover (Literally)
B) Some in rags are rich, and some in riches are rags (applies spiritually and literally)
C) No one is better than another because of apparel
D) Today's society has become vain and judges you by the name brand you wear

6. Proper Sign Of Sanity ( Mark 5:15)
A) Being fully clothed is a sign of sanity- imagine how the older generation feels about these
new looks (Imagine how God feels)
B) In today's society it is illegal to run around naked
C) clothing is a measure used to judge sanity- You can tell if someone may have mental difficulties
by what they wear, for example, a man dressing as a woman, a girl trying to be a man, someone
wearing really dark deathly looking clothing, etc. all these are red flags that that person may need
to seek professional help- and definatly spiritual help!!!
Today's society has corrupted God's concept and use of clothing.
We need to remember that beauty is defined by our inside not the outside- God doesn't judge
the outside- its the inner that he will judge, so anyone focusing on the outer looks or perfection
is going to get a rude awakening at judgment!

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