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Definition: Ones total personality.


People have what is called characteristic traits. Biblicaly there are a few reasons how they
come about.Characteristic traits are passed down generationaly, The past shapes the future
and prophecy states that how people act determine the future generation. (Genesis 49:1-28

Signs of a persons future personality are noticeable at birth even! (Genesis 25:21-34)
You can also tell a persons future personality by their childhood behavior. (Proverb 20:11)

There are only two kinds of character:
A) Godly
B) Ungodly

Those with Godly Character have distinctive traits, such as, their dedication.
They also:
A) Know and hear Christ's voice (John 10:3-4)
B) They follow Christ and his ways (John 10:4,5,27)
C) They receive Christ as their Lord and Savior (John 1:12)

Those that are Godly and set apart because they have received Christ as their Lord and Savior
have a different standing before God then ones that choose to be Ungodly. In God's eyes Christ
followers (or Christians) are:

A) Blameless (Phil 2:15)
B) Faithful (Rev 17:14)
C) Godly (2 peter 2:9)
D) Holy Col 3:12)
Godly people have distinct personalities and traits that effect other people and their
environment as a whole in a positive and productive way. Their personalities are not limited
to but are as follows:

A) Humble (1 Peter 5:5) L) Steadfast (1 Cor 15:58)
B) Loving (1 Thess 4:9) M) Unity Of Mind (Rom 15:5-7)
C) Humility (Phil 2:3,4) N) Hospitable (1 Peter 4:9)
D) Gentle (Matt 5:5) O) Generous (2 Cor 8:1-7)
E) Merciful (Matt 5:7) P) Peaceable (Heb 12:14)
F) Obedient (Rom 16:19) Q) Patient (James 5:7-Cool
G) Pure (Matt 5:Cool ***JUST TO NAME A FEW*****
H) Sincere (2 Cor 1:12)
I) Zealous (Titus 2: 14)
J) Courteous (1 Peter 3:Cool
K) Content (Heb 13:50

Then we have a whole other type of personality that is "Ungodly" and Opposite of
everything that is Godly.There characteristics are very distinct also in how they act and
treat other people , namely God himself. They:

A) Are Hostile to God and to God's people ( Rom 8:7)
B) They deny that God even exists ( Ps 14:1)
C) They live sinful, and their lives are disobedient to Gods word ( Titus 1:16)

These people are in a wicked spiritual state of mind. They act like they do because they:

A) They are blinded by Satan and cannot receive the good news ( 2 Cor 4:4)
B) They are slaves to their own sinful ways ( 2 Peter 2:14,19)
C) They are on a spiritual path to death for eternity ( Eph 2:1)
D) They cannot please God they do not have the ability to ( Rom 8:Cool

Their works are as bad as their attitudes, they :

A) Are Boastful ( Ps 10:3-6)
B) They are full of Evil ( Romans 1: 29-320
C) They hate the Gospel ( John 3:19,20)
D) They are sensual and are obedient to immoral lusts ( 2 Peter 2:12-22)

Remember that those who are evil hate the light and and will not go near it!!!

With all this above being said it is obvious that we should choose to be followers of Christ
that way our character would be a more positive attribute to society as a whole, you accomplish more
with a pleasing Character.

If we carry these traits they will be passed on to our children- perpetuating a positive cycle of change in
society, how pleased would God be at our whole family!!!

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