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PostSubject: CHARTER POLICIES AND PROCEDURES   Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:24 am

True Beginning Ministries
Biblical Learning Center
777 North Concord Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

2010 Charter Policies/Procedures

1. Charters Must pay a Charter Fee of $100.00 to be enrolled in our Charter Program.
There is a $50.00 Renewal fee yearly from the original date enrolled. Non payment
of renewal fee will cause you to be disqualified as a charter and your status revoked,
and all privileges will cease immediately.

2. When you enroll as a Charter you will receive the benefits of:
1. Letter of Good Standing
2. Official Charter Certificate ( Wall)
3. Listing on Site Roster ( all active Charters in good standing)
4. Assistance Church, Ministry Planting
5. Web Access to our online community, Free advertising and promotion of your ministry!
6. Spiritual accountability and leadership
7. Conventions and Fellowship Opportunities
8. Graphics and Logos ( for online or offline use)
9. 24/7 Spiritual support ( Online or off)
10. Able to request Benevolence Assistance
11. Group Rates, and Discounts
12. Laminated Wallet Credentials
Privileges will be added as the Ministry grows.

3. All Charters are Independent in finances, and organization, and administration but the must:
A. Adopt our Constitution
B. Adopt Our Bylaws
C. Adopt our statement of Faith
Or have similar Approved by Our Board of Directors.

4. Charters are to remain Moral and have good Christian integrity and Reputation as a
God fearing Ministry and abide by the Christian laws within The Holy Bible Adopted
by Jesus Christ. If the Charter is found to be out of line with God's Word ( The Bible)
The following will happen:
1. They will be confronted privately and given a warning to repent.
2. If the behavior persists they will be confronted with the witness of another TBM member
and given a second warning with witness to repent.
3. If the behavior still consists then the Board of Directors will call a meeting to
address the issue and consider possible actions which may include:
A) Termination of Credentialing
B) Suspension of Credentialing
C) Counseling
D) Professional Consultation
E) Legal Action With Authorities
F) Banishment
These are TBM's Options and rights to determine upon consideration of offense
and TBM can implement any plan that they feel necessary to bring restoration
or termination to the benefit of TBM as a whole. ( TBM Has a 0 TOLERANCE policy
for sexual offenses and will not tolerate any Sexual Immorality, you may repent and
still be in fellowship if not criminal but you will NOT be allowed to remain credentialed
if caught- if we find out you are using our Ministry, or Credentials in any way to be

5. TBM Charters may schedule events for their own city and invite other TBM Charters or
members to come and participate. TBM Charters have a right to act on TBM's behalf
within their own district but using their own unique Ministry Name. They cannot speak or
represent TBM as a whole only be a spokesperson for what they are doing in their own
Ministry. as TBM grows there will be a Charter Elected per city to assist TBM in
Ministerial support over all other Charters in the City as their CHARTER LIAISON.

6. Charters have a right to request that we take up a member-wide collection on their
behalf to assist in Ministerial efforts. These requests are only to be made once a year
and are to be used to uplift the Ministry itself somehow. This is not to be abused and
if any Charter is found to be abusing anything that any member of TBM has donated or
offered then they are in jeopardy of loosing their status with us.

7. All Charters are allowed to Counter promote with TBM to assist with participation and
generate site traffic. All Charter has to do is place our Charter Logo on their site with a
link back to us and well do the same.

8. TBM Charters DO NOT have the ability to Credential other CHARTERS, only we can.
Charters may credential their own Ministers etc. but only if they are ordained to do so
through us or another Ministry.

9. TBM Charters have the obligation to participate on and offline with TBM National
at Conventions/Fellowships etc. TBM is a active family and expects active participation!

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY TBM Charters have access to 24/7 Spiritual Support with
TBM National, you have a Spiritual Accountability and Fellowship with us. We are
here to assist you in decisions, Godly Counsel, whatever you may need even resources
for study etc. We are here to help you grow and grow with you!

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