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Article 1. Duties of Officers

Section 1. Duties of the President

The Duties of the President shall include the following:

a.Emphasize and implement the threefold mission of the church and promote and coordinate efforts directed toward the fulfilling of that mission.
b.Superintend all work of True Beginning Ministries
c.Act as President of the corporation in all legal matter, and be an ex officio member of all committees and boards.
d.Sign all official and legal documents and all credentials
e.Administer discipline in all cases
f.Perform any other functions usual and customary as presiding officer.

Section 2. Duties of the Vice President

Duties of the Vice President shall include the following:

a.Assist the President.
b.Perform any other functions under the supervision of the President.

Section 3. Duties of the Secretary

The duties of the secretary shall include the following:

a.Make and keep true records
b.Serve as the custodian of the official seal and issue credentials under the direction of the President and shall keep a record of all ordained, licensed, and certified ministers.
c.Sign all official and legal documents
d.Perform such other functions as are customary or as may be directed by the President

Section 4. Duties of the Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall included the following:

a.Serve as the director of the Treasury.
b.Serve as custodian of all fund.
c.Keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, conduction the work of the office according to accepted business methods.
d.Give a report from time to time as may be requested by the President
e.Perform such other functions as are customary to the office or as may be directed by the President

Article 2 District Leaders

Section 1. Officers

Each district leader shall elect a their own officers as may be deemed advisable by the district leader such as, assistant district leader, secretary-treasurer city superintendent.

Section 2. Duties of District Leaders

The duties of district leaders shall include the following:

a.Seek to promote a spirit of fellowship and cooperation.
b.Inform or consult with the President of True Beginning Ministries concerning the opening of new institution of any kind, in a given area.
c.Plant and oversee new churches
d.Perform such other functions as are customary to the office or as may be directed by the President

Section 2. Dissolution of District

a. Loss of recognition. In the event an existing district shall dissolve for any reason, its recognition shall cease.

Article 2. Affiliation

Section 1. Procedure for affiliation

The procedure for affiliation shall be:
a.A ministry or minister shall forward its request to the head office in South Carolina
b.Shall adopt a constitution and bylaws acceptable by True Beginning Ministries
c.Shall sign a document stating they acknowledge that the not for profit Corperation True Beginning Ministry, a South Carolina Corp. does not require fee or monthly donations or is responsible for their financial obligations.
d.Shall be required to file an annual report of the years progress and ministries preformed.
e.Shall be required to refile request for affiliation once every four years

Section 2. Safeguarding True Beginning Ministries

a.Pastors and leaders of True Beginning Ministries should make proper investigation of persons who seek to gain entrance to teach, minister, or pastor.

Section 3. New Affiliates

The spreading of the Gospels shall be a priority goal of True Beginning Ministries and its affiliates. Resources at all levels shall be aligned to accomplish this purpose. We shall not prohibit planting of new churches or ministries unless a compelling reason exists.

Article 3. Ministry

Section 1. Ministry Described

Christ’s gifts to the Church include apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4:11). We believe God’s call to these ministry gifts is totally within His sovereign discretion without regard to gender, race, disability, or national origin.
There are three classification of ministry credentials that are recognized by True Beginning Ministry: the ordained minister, the licensed minister, and the certified minister.

Section 2. Basic Qualifications

The following qualifications pertain to all applicants for ministerial recognition:

a.Salvation. Testimony to having experienced the new birth (John 3:5).
b.Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Testimony to having received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues according to Act 2:4. The Spirit-filled life will enable a minister to fulfill the threefold mission of the church.
c.Evidence of call. Clear evidence of a divine call to the ministry, evidenced by a personal conviction, confirmed by the work of the Spirit and testimony of fellow ministers.
d.Christian character. A blameless Christian life and a good report of those who are without (Titus 1:7; 1 Timothy 3:7).
e.Basic education requirements. Any level of formal academic achievement (diploma or degree) shall not be a requirement for credentials; however, credential applicants shall meet the following criteria:
1.All applicants are required to be interviewed by the President of True Beginning Ministries and in preparation for the interview, pass a standard exam approved by the President whereby they demonstrate knowledge of the Bible.
2.Complete the application form with a home church Ordained Ministers recommendation and at least 2 other persons (not family members) statement of Good Character.
3.Successfully complete equivalent training under an Ordained Ministers for six months or as determined by the President of True Beginning Ministries.
4.Must be 21 years or older and be active in ministry for at least 6 months to a year as determined by the President.
5.Marriage status. We believe and uphold the traditional family as God commands in His word.

Section 3. Certificates.

True Beginning Ministries is authorized to issue ordination certificates, licenses to preach, specialized ministries licenses, and certificates of ministry, together with annual fellowship card.

Section 4. Official List

a.Active ministers. True Beginning Ministries will record and publish an list of active ministers or other full time ministries. It will not be used for purposes of solicitation. The list shall be revised annually and shall contain the names of those who are engaged in active e ministry and whose credentials have been renewed by the issuance of a fellowship card for the year.
b.Inactive ministers. All credentialed ministers who shall withdraw from active ministry or shall cease to engage in pastoral, evangelistic or other full time ministry shall be expected to notify the main office in South Carolina.
This shall not apply to those whose inactivity has been caused by infirmity, or those 60 years of age or older, or those whose spouse is disabled or retired given them little opportunity to public ministry.

c. Restoration to active status. Should the minister at any time return to active
Ministry, his or her name may be restored to the active list upon application.

Section 7. Title of Elder.

Those who have been ordained and in active ministry with True Beginning Ministries for 2 years or more shall receive the title Elder. Those wanting to receive this title must fill out a request form and provide a statement of their works in the Gospel of Jesus.

Section 6. Senior Ministers

In respect and honor to those ministers who have given years of service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ shall automatically be given the title of Senior status whether or not they continue in full time ministry.

Section 8. Ministerial Relations

a.Amenability. All certified, licensed, and ordained Minster shall be amenable to both the district leaders and the President of True Beginning Ministries.
b.Cooperation with other districts. Ministers shall be expected to cooperate with other district leaders in which they may labor temporarily. It is a standard of proper practice that all ministers treat each other with respect and obey that districts bylaws. We are all one in the Body of Christ and we are all brother and sisters through Christ. Let’s act accordingly.

Section 9. Credential Renewals and Reinstatements

a.Expiration date. All credentials must be renewed every 2 years from date issued. There is a 30 day grace period.
b.Reinstatement of lapsed minister. Ministers whose renewal applications are not received shall be recorded as lapsed. They must complete application for reinstatement and pay a small reinstatement fee.

Section 10. Credential Terminations

a.Inactive. When a minister becomes inactive for 2 consecutive years, according to the stipulations set forth in Bylaws his or her name shall not be able to renew.
b.Not renewed. If a minister does not renew their name shall be placed on record as not renewed. If a minister has not renewed for 6 months after the renew date their credentials may be in jeopardy as determined by the President.
c.If a Minster acts out of contexts with the Word of God, True Beginning Ministries or district leaders receives complaints, an investigation shall be conducted according to the bylaws of True Beginning ministries and of the United States. If found guilty their credentials will be immedently terminated.
d.Surrender of credentials. In all cases minister shall be requested to surrender his or her credentials to True Beginning Ministries.

Article 4. Doctrines and Practices Disapproved.

In accord with its constitutional prerogatives, True Beginning Ministries has declared itself pertaining to disapproval of certain matters as follows.

Section 1. Legalism
a.Matter of conscience. True Beginning Ministries disapproves of those who hold to matters of conscience, such as eating or not eating meats, who press their opinions on others
b.Adding conditions to salvation. True Beginning Ministries disapproves of those who hold to issues which seem to add conditions to salvation, who press their opinions on others

Section 2 Eschatological errors
a.The restoration of all things. True Beginning Ministries understands the teaching of Act 3:21 to limit the restoration to that of which the prophets have spoken, thus denying the universal redemption theory. We are opposed to all forms of universalism (Matthew 25:46; Revelation 20:10).
b.Setting a date for the Lords return. It is unwise to teach that the Lord will come at some specified time, there by setting a date for His appearing (Mark 13:32,33; Luke 12:37-40)
c.Credentials jeopardized if made an issue.

Section 7 Abuses of Stewardship

a.Tithing. According to Scriptures tithes should be used for the support of the active ministry and for propagation of the gospel and work of the Lord and NOT be used for other purposes. We disapprove of the teaching that all tithes should belong to the pastor for his or her support.
b.Solicitation of funds. It is improper and unethical for minister or missionaries to solicit funds, by letter or otherwise for anything or any reason without proper authorization. This is not meant to hinder or discourage legitimate projects but to protect them and those who employ methods to harm True Beginning Ministries.
c.All discourteous conduct is disapproved of.

Article 5. Discipline

Section 1. The Nature and Purposes of discipline

Discipline is an exercise of scriptural authority for which is responsible. We discipline with the Love of Christ and that God may be honored, that the purity and welfare of the ministry may be maintained. Also that those under discipline may be brought to repentance, restoration, and the love and mercy of God. We also discipline for the spiritual welfare our members and ministers.

Section 2. Causes for Disciplinary Action

Violation of True Beginning Ministries principles as stated in theses Constitution and Bylaws may give cause for disciplinary action by the President of True Beginning Ministries. Among such causes for action shall be:
1.Moral failure involving sexual misconduct
2. Moral Failure involving pornography.
3. Any moral or ethical failure other than sexual misconduct.
4.General inefficiency in the ministry.
5.A failure to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ correctly.
6.A contentious or no cooperative spirit.
7. An arbitrary rejection of District Leader.
8.A habit of running in to debt (not personal debt) that brings reproach to the Gospel.
9.A declared open change in doctrinal view.
10.Violation of ministerial courtesy.
11.An improper attitude toward those dismissed from True Beginning Ministries.
All disciplinary action will only be applied with a nature of rehabilitation.
If no rehabilitation is thought to be working then the final determination shall be made by the President and Vise President.

Section 3. Right of Initiative

a.Authority. Occasions sometimes arise which make it necessary to deal with ministers who for some reason seem to have reached the place where, in the opinon of True Beginning Ministries, endorsement can no longer be given. The President and Vise President have the right to withdraw their approval and to order recall of credentials.
b.Responsibility of district of affiliation. The district leaders have a right to suggest discipline action for those within their district. All reports made to the district leaders must be forwarded to the True Beginning Ministries main office in South Carolina.

Section 4. Basis. Procedure and requirements.

a.Basis. Those found to have violated any of True Beginning Ministries principles may request a program of rehabilitation as an alternative to dismissal. Rehabilitation is a privilege granted out of mercy and not a right to be expected or demanded. The primary purposes are to restore a person to God, spouse, and family.
b.Procedure and requirements for rehabilitation will be determined by the President of True Beginning Ministries.
1.Suspension. The minister shall be considered to be under suspension during the rehabilitation program.
2.The program of rehabilitation shall continue for not less than 1 year expect when violation involves sexual misconduct in which case it shall continue for not less than 3 years.
3.A minister must renew their credentials as they normally would.
4.There must be a progress report submitted on the 25th of January, March, June, August, and December.
5.When the rehabilitation program has been satisfactorily completed, the suspension shall be lifted and the minister shall be restored to good standing.

Section 5. Right of Appeal

All have the right to appeal any decision or actions of discipline and termination of credentials. Please file an appeal with the President of True Beginning Ministries and all other officers. You shall have 30 days from the date of notification of decision was mailed to appeal. The minister shall be apprised officially of this right at the time notification is given to the Minster of the decision of the President.

Section 6. Publication of Dismissal

No publication of a dismissed minister’s name shall be made.

Article 6. True Beginning Ministries Total Giving

We believe that all should give tithes to God but we do NOT require you to give weekly, monthly, yearly to True Beginning Ministries. We believe God should lead you in when and where to give. Each Church, affiliate, member, minister, and ministry will be responsible for their own financial obligation and means. We will not provide at this time credit. As God leads and True Beginning Ministries grow this will change. We give and help each and everyone as we can.
Article 7. Amendments.

Amendments to the Bylaws may be made at any time. You may request an amendment by submitting your request to the secretary of True Beginning Ministries.

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