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PostSubject: BAPTISM   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:40 am


Baptism Defined- A symbolic act of using water to cleanse or anoint the outer flesh.
Its representative of a spiritual cleansing, and a outward show of membership in to a
church body. ( Usually practiced in the Bible by full immersion)

I. Baptism is a Commandment:

A. Jesus Christ ( Matthew 28:19-20/Mark 16:15-16)
* Jesus commanded all his disciples to go out and to baptize!

B. Peter ( Acts 10:46-48)
* Peter commanded all after he taught them the gospel to be baptized.

C. Christian Ministers ( Acts 22:12-16)
* All Christian ministers are commanded to baptize and to teach baptism.

II. Baptism was administered biblical y by:

A. Apostles ( Acts 2:1, 41)
The apostles ( or missionaries) administered baptism to all who repented.

B. Ananias ( Acts 9:17, 18)
Ananias administered baptism.

C. Philip, Peter, Paul administered baptism ( Acts 8:12,36-38, Acts 10:44-48,
Acts 18:8, 1 Corinthians 1:14-17)

NOTE: There are NO biblical instances of FEMALES baptizing in the bible anywhere!

III. Biblical places where baptism occurred:

A. The Jordan River ( Mark 1:5-10)/Matthew 3:13-16)
* Baptism occurs in natural watered areas.

B. Jerusalem ( Acts 2:5,41)
* Baptism occurred in the Holy land but can occur in ANY land!

C. Samaria ( Acts 8:5,12)
* Baptism can occur in enemy territory, or ANY territory where the gospel is heard!

D. A House ( Acts 10:44-48)
* Baptism can occur in a home, in a church- outdoors or indoors!

E. Jail House ( Acts 16:25-33)
* Baptism can occur inside of a correctional facility, or any institution where it is
allowable. We are to take the Gospel everywhere!

IIII. Who was baptized?

A. Jews ( Acts 2:14,41)
* God's chosen people were baptized even Jesus was!

B. Gentiles ( Acts 10:44-48, 18:Cool
* Non-Jews were baptized and accepted into the church body.

C. Whole Households ( Acts 16:14-15, 27, 33/1 Corinthians 1:16)
* Whole households ( or families) where baptized at once.

V. Common characteristics of baptism:

A. By water only ( Acts 10:47)
*A believers baptism was performed by water only!

B. Only one baptism needed ( Ephesians 4:5)
*There is no such thing as multiple baptisms, only one is needed!

C. Necessary Ritual ( Acts 2:38-41)
* Baptism is a commandment and is reinforced by the apostles!

D. Source of Power ( Acts 1:5)
*Baptism ( after repentance) releases power upon believers.
This power is called the Holy Spirit Acts 2:38....

E. Baptism Follows Faith ( Acts 2:41, 18:Cool
* Baptism comes after you've repented and confessed your sins and accepted Jesus
as your Lord and Savior, then you are to be baptized.

Baptism is a essential act of faith and should be taught!
Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness- we should be
imitators of him! ( Matthew 3:13-17)

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